What is Admiralty and Maritime Law?

Admiralty and Maritime Law is a complex area of law which arises from the days of antiquity…. It is an amalgamation of state, federal and international law. More specifically, a body of private international law governing the relationships between private entities which operate vessels on the world’s oceans. Maritime law encompasses collisions, piracy, salvage, cargo losses, sinkings, groundings and other matters that we typically think of when thinking of ships sailing on the high seas. However, maritime law also encompasses the recreational marine industry in matters involving boating accidents, warranty claims, salvage, and other maritime losses and claims. Lest we not forget the transactional side in matters involving purchase and sale transactions, chartering, vessel documentation and registration, as well as contractual disputes involving contractual and warranty issues.

Why do I need an admiralty and maritime lawyer?

In order to come to grips with our ever-changing world, each profession has experienced a high level of specialization. As in many other professions such as the medical field, we have seen a number of different specialties arise to serve the needs of consumers seeking expertise and knowledge. Simply said….. you don’t go to your dentist when you’re having chest pain. The legal arena is no different. The laws regarding Admiralty and Maritime matters are increasingly complex and ever-changing. Certainly, your interests are better protected with an attorney familiar with the field of Admiralty and Maritime Law. Perry and Neblett specializes in maritime law which applies to boats, ships, seamen, longshoremen, yacht brokers, marine suppliers, and any type of incident incident that occurs on the navigable waters.

What about a documentation agent?

There are many instances when a documentation agent can provide the services you require any more cost-effective manner than a law firm. However, documentation agents are not regulated by any governmental authority, and are actually prohibited from providing any legal or tax advice. Under Florida law, a documentation agent or paralegal is only allowed to sell forms and insert the information specifically sought out in the form. Anything more is tax and legal advice which will result in a finding the unlicensed practice of law.

Why should we hire you?

You should not retain any law firm or attorney until you have reviewed their background qualifications, education, and experience. Perry & Neblett has a unique blend of marine expertise and practical experience. Around the globe, though firm is recognized as one of the leading admiralty and maritime law firms in matters involving both litigation and transactions. Call us for a free consultation today: 1.800.321.7105; or email us at Perry@yachtlawyer.com.

Do you offer free consultations?

FREE CONSULTATIONS: We offer a free initial consultation about your transaction or dispute to see if we can help or assist with the issues that you are facing. When you call us about your matter, you are not committed or obligated to our firm in any way. Of course, our conversations are strictly confidential even if you do not retain our firm. Call us for a free consultation today: 1.800.321.7105; or email us at Perry@yachtlawyer.com.

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